Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Prep Time
25 mins

Cook Time
4 - 5 hrs

What You'll Need

1-3 Slabs of baby back ribs (extra meaty if you can find them)
Your favorite rib rub
Longhorn BBQ Sauce


Prepare Baby Back Ribs for Smoking

1.  Use a paper towel to remove the membrane from bone side of ribs
2.  Sprinkle enough of your favorite rib rub onto he ribs to cover the meat
3.  Once the rub gets that typical "wet" look, flip them over and repeat

Smoking the Ribs

1.  Set up your smoker for smoking at about 225 - 250°F
2.  Place the ribs directly on the smoker grate
3.  Let the ribs smoke cook until they are as tender as you like them. (this is normally about 5 hours for baby back ribs)
4.  Sauce the ribs about 30 minutes before they are finished for best results.
5.  When the ribs are finished cooking, remove them from the smoker, slice 'em up and enjoy!